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The base of HS25V is ultra thin skin. The thickness of ultra thin skin is just 0.03mm. It is so light to people feel it when it on the head.

We apply v-looped hair all over for this stock product. V-looped hair has not any knot. It is natural and lift, can create a very realistic appearance for the wearing.

SEAN: A PU-constructed base is rather snug yet easy-to-wear, matched with comfort during wearing. It is undoubtedly that the lace material is a pretty good choice serving for the breathable function. Also, the position of the lace front with bleached knots improves its natural attribute.  

V-loops are performed on the skin without any knots. Consequently, it’s easy to imagine that the effect is extremely vivid. 

HS7 has a French lace base. French lace is light, breathable and natural-looking. It also provides comfort for the wearer, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin.

All the knots on this stock toupee are very fine and small and they are all perfectly bleached to create an invisible knot effect for the whole piece.(except in dark colors #1 and #1A)

D7-3 has one of the most durable base designs. The base is a strong fine mono in the middle with a durable PU coating perimeter. The front is 1/4” folded mono lace. This hairpiece can last for a very long time to about 6 months.

We use medium density hair for this product which also increases durability. The folded lace on the front gives good coverage for the front edge and creates a natural front hairline.

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