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The base of INS is 0.08mm clear thin skin. This amount of thickness is still very light and natural. Like all other skin bases, it makes for easy cleaning and attachment with glue or tape.

We use realistic-looking normal or flat injected hair all over this stock toupee. There are no knots on the base at all so the hair will look just like it is growing out of the scalp. It also helps create a natural parting, top and front for your clients. Even people who see your clients from up close will have a hard job identifying that they are wearing a hairpiece.

The base design of Q6 is French lace with clear PU back and sides. We do single knots (one knot per hair) and irregular knotting method on the first 1/2" of the hairpiece and bleach the knots on front 1" which gives an extra natural front hairline.(except in dark colors #1 and #1A)

The whole piece is made using very delicate knots. Slightly bleached knots on the front and top areas create a realistic appearance for the whole piece.

D7-3-DYF: Fine mono with a PU coating perimeter and a lace front. It is in dark color #1 with dye after to create a natural-looking front hairline.

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