SP5*2.75 Virgin Remy Hair Women’s Silk Top Wig Topper

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Base DesignSilk top with 1/4” NPU all around
Base Size5"×2.75"
Hair TypeMongolian Remy hair
Hair Length14”
Curl & WaveNatural straight
Hair ColorNatural color, #4/6 (blended), #22
Hair DirectionBrush back

This hair topper is one of our newest stock wigs for women. It can be sent out within 24 working hours after purchasing.

The base design is silk top with a 1/4” PU-coated perimeter and three clips on the edge. The base is made of three layers of mesh materials with the bottom being silk mono which makes the topper both comfortable and durable.

Silk tops create knotless bases where the hair looks like it is growing out of your own scalp. In addition, we use the under hair technique at the front in order to get an undetectable effect for the base.

We use Mongolian Remy hair on this wig topper which is both smooth and shiny. It has a better hair texture and a relatively long lifespan.

We stock this human hair topper in various hair colors which you can see at the top of the page to suit the different needs of customers. As a wholesale wig distributor, New Times Hair has a large warehouse of stock hair systems for women and we can also design any product according to clients’ requirements.

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